I'm Ali!

High School Hacker

Becoming exposed to code is probably one of the most amazing things that has ever happened to me. Ever. Below are a list of hackathons I've been to (in order).

Some future hackathons I plan on going to, hit me up if you're going!

How long have I been coding

Well I saw it back in 7th grade and I regret not picking it up right away. Instead I waited till my freshman year to actually start learning.

How did you start learning?

I first went to code academy, and just picked up HTML and CSS. After that, I went to HackBCA, which is where I made Impossible Pong.

How should I start learning?

Well, I definitely recommend starting to look at code, hit F12 on your keyboard to look at the code of this website! Code academy Is also a great free resource. One Month is also a great way to learn!

What is the answer to life?

The answer to life is a simple "42". Nothing more. Nothing less.


I'm also a youtuber!

Wanna see me play video games? My channel name is Gaming With Salad!

Wanna see some useless skits and rants? Head over to my other channel,The life of a brown guy!


As a person and as a hacker I work on many things! Here are a few!

Impossible Pong

This was a hack I made at HackBCA. This is where my coding journy began.

My Website

I started working on this website and learned so much in the process!

I started making this webstite on October 24, 2014 and I'm still working on it!


This was a project my team and I made at HackRPI

This project also won a catagory at HackRPI!


We want to solve the all-too-common problem that people have a really hard time communicating to find where each other are. We're the all-in-one tool to help people find each other, especially in small places. People shoot out Flares, geotagged posts with text and images, to various channels that others can subscribe to.

Contact me!