Ali S.

Professional Work

Malik Studios

This is my own production studio. We work with recap videos, animations, and edits. We work with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, and Premiere.


grüpacity is the name of the creative district of the consulting firm I currently work at. I work as a video editor and work on many types of video projecets.

Rude Boy Music

I met a very talented individual with a very strong passion for music. He had played multiple shows live, has a following on social media, and is currently traveling the United States. I created his website and currently manage his shows and other social presences.

Rainbow Specialty Colors Website

Rainbow Specialty Colors, Inc. is a dye company that specializes in the manufacturing of custom blends and color. They have worked with more than 50,000 customers in the last 15 years. I had the opportunity to both design and create (from scratch) a main page that both parties could be proud of.

Personal Projects

Impossible Pong

This was a hack I made at HackBCA. This is where my coding journey began.

My Website

I started working on this website and learned so much in the process! I started making this webstite on October 24, 2014 and I'm still working on it! Check out last years website!


This was a project my team and I made at HackRPI. This project also won a catagory at HackRPI!


We want to solve the all-too-common problem that people have a really hard time communicating to find where each other are. We're the all-in-one tool to help people find each other, especially in small places. People shoot out Flares, geotagged posts with text and images, to various channels that others can subscribe to.


At the time of the annoncement of the Apple Watch, a developer released a QR code type app, in which you would tape a code on your arm and scan it with your iPhone to see what an Apple Watch would look like on your wrist. We implemented that code onto the Pebble, to give a more comfortable represntation of the Apple watch.


Shute systematically redirects customer and citizen complaints to appropriate officials who can solve their problems. It works by allowing lower-ranking officials to redirect complaints to higher-ranking ones when they are not capable enough in their position.

To combat the stress of college, my team and I created an enviorment in Unity. This was submitted at Kent Hack Enough and was placed in the top 5.


HoloCode was a HoloLens application that was created to immerse students into the world of programming. Nowadays, students have low attention spans. To combat this, we created a platform in which students can experince a brand new world, a world of mixed reality, and witniss the power of code, all while programming in real time. This was submitted to MHacks X and recieved an unofficial second place for "Best use of Microsoft technology". On top of that, Jay Freeman also took interest in our work. For those that don't know, Jay Freeman is the founder of the orignal iPhone jailbreak and is someone who I look up to.


Using IBM Watson, we created a platform that read news articles on a certain stock, analysized the article to figure out if it was suggesting to buy or sell the stock, looked at the market, and then advised the user to either sell or buy the stock. This was submitted to hackPSU fall 2017 and recieved first place for the "Best use of IBM Watson" category.

Social Work

I Need Love

I created this project to help students who were dealing with emotional pain. It was completly anonomous from their end, unless they choose to reveal their identity. We spoke to stuednets about issues, ranging from depression to lonliness. It was a very interesting experince. Unfortunatly, this project was discontinued, due to a lack of time on our end.

Hackware + Hackware 2.0

I was an intern at Hackware, this being my second year. I'm currently a web developer for this project. This company was created for the sole reason of renting out hardware to hackathon organizers and individuals who wanted to test out hardware for programming purposes. We are a cheaper and faster alternative for the budgeted hackathons across the US.

Fundraising for the homeless

One day I was in chinese class and I was complaining about freezing to death. At the time, I was wearing a sweater and sweatpants. My friend looked at me, dead in the eyes, and told me "think about the homeless man" and just turned away. At that moment, I realized how lucky I was to have what I had. And at that moment, I decided to help the best way I could. I grabbed a team of people, we raised aboutt $300, bought a load of chlothes (about 11~12 bags worth), and donated it all.

Beach Clean Up

On my first weekend at Penn State University my friend and I decided to help the community by doing community service with other penn state students. We had a bus take us to a few locations (animal shelters, nursing homes and the beach.) and were each given a place to serve. My friend and I decided to go to the beach to clean up the liter and trash that was scattered across the beach.